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We are a structural engineering consultancy for the design and construction of special structures. 

Voluta is both the name of a type of seashell and a facade detail. As our name signifies, we are guided by the beauty and efficiency of nature and the accomplishments of past masters. This inspiration, combined with deep knowledge of structural principles, geometry, construction methodology, the latest developments in material technology, and a collaborative work environment, drives us to innovate and strive for excellence.

As a seashell creates stiffness through form and grows with self-similarity, it minimizes material and energy usage. Through ingenuity in structural design, we work to achieve the same goals.




More than a decade in the design and construction of special structures across the world has given Eoin the experience of many differing working environments and norms. Collaborating with celebrated architecture firms and great engineers continues to hone his design acumen.

Before founding Voluta, he held positions at structural engineering consultancies in Paris, New York & Stuttgart. He is a regular contributor to books, conferences and journals, particularly in the fields of glass structures, facades, long-span structures, and the architectural response to the climate crisis. He lectures at university level and is the recipient of the 2023 Chartered Engineer of the Year Award.

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