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Structural Engineering

Areas of particular interest include gridshells, cable nets, wide-span roofs, glass structures, artworks and other special structures. We design with glass, steel, timber, aluminium, textiles,  polymers, and carbon composites.

We have experience working through all project stages and with a variety of clients – architects, owners, other engineers, and contractors.

Advanced analysis techniques such as time-history, blast-resistance and balanced design are part of our skillset.

Facade Engineering

On the most visible part of a building, we work closely with architects and contractors to help achieve a common vision. Our familiarity with construction stage design and knowledge of the industry mean we provide solutions meeting fabrication and installation boundary conditions. 

Alongside our competence in structures and detailing, we specify and oversee testing, and offer light and thermal energy transmission studies.

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The greatest challenge for architecture and engineering in this era is to find appropriate methods to build sustainably. Through a combination of in-house and external software tools, project experience, data sets, and the latest research, we can assess and address the embodied carbon impact of a project.

Through our engagement with project stakeholders from concept stage, we can implement steps to minimize impacts on the environment. Often, our input will enable a reduction in material usage, which also benefits project finances.


As a project consultant, we can offer optimization services during conceptual design, at a value engineering stage, or at other project milestones. These services include initial form-finding, geometric rationalization, material quantity reduction, and maximizing light transmission.

A holistic approach is used for optimization, considering the many aspects that will make a project successful, such as aesthetics, structural efficiency, constructability, and budget.

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