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Images © DRC/Grimshaw Architects


oman botanic garden

Scope:Northern Biome roof & facades design coordination

Client: Lindner Steel & Glass

Owner: Diwan of the Royal Court

Architect: Grimshaw

Oman Botanic Garden is a celebration of Oman’s diversity of native plant species, many of which are unique to the country. The site is located in the scenic Al Hajar mountains and covers an area of 420 hectares. 

Two organically-shaped biome structures, the Northern Biome and Southern Biome, mimic the habitats of plants in the mountainous North of Oman and the monsoon setting found in the Southern region of Dhofar. 

The building forms, shading strategies, and glazing make-up contribute to providing the necessary atmospheric conditions for the flora inside the biomes.

The Northern Biome has a primary structure of arches connected by purlins. This primary structure is overlaid with a facetted secondary structure and glazed roof, integrated with external shading and walkway systems.

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